SongCircle - About Us

Our primary focus is to help Artists continue doing what they love.
Performing Live builds a solid foundation for revenue generation & exposure. 
Live events are so critical in enabling personal engagement with your fans.

Live content triggers further exposure through the ever expanding DIY & social tools available.
SongCircle's Global Showcase & Community network opens up new market opportunities for artists. 

It's About YOU the Creators .....
No one is more important to us than the creators of a song.
As artists, everyday you dream and work towards ultimate achievements.
SongCircle's Live Community resources help guide and support those efforts efficiently.
Empowerment through peace of mind is attainable and keeps you on a solid path towards your goals.

Find the validation of true success simply by continuing to do what you love.
Above all, Live to Play!

Team SongCircle

We feel very fortunate to have an incredible team here at SongCircle!  Our team is constantly growing, made up of musicians, passionate music fans & strategic partners. All of us are driven to build a genuine Community of support, high-level exposure & access to real resources.

Join the Circle!

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